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Should Spanking Your Child Be Illegal?

November 28, 2007

(My comment – Can you believe this mess? Parents should spank their children to provide proper discipline for them. Abuse is over the line, but parents have the responsibility to discipline their children.)

Massachusetts lawmakers say a proposed measure that would ban parents from spanking their children, even in their own homes, is a way to protect kids from abuse. But many parents believe it’s an example of government run amok. In all 50 states, parents are legally allowed to spank their children.

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Doctors Remove Woman’s Ten Pound Hairball

November 26, 2007


You have to SEE THIS to believe it. Who eats hair? Can anybody explain this? Have you ever heard about something like this. And just think about what she could of had for Thanksgiving…

I found it interesting…I hope you do too.


Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2007

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.   I don’t know what your particular situation is but I’m sure everyone has something to be thankful for.  In fact, if you can read these words, that is something to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for today?  Please tell us by leaving a comment.  The best comment, that I receive by 5:00 PM CST on Sunday, 11/25,  will receive a free autographed copy of my book, 101 Ways To Glorify God Today.  Please give a valid email address so that I can get in touch with you to mail the book.


Archbishop fathered child with his brother’s wife

November 20, 2007

The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother’s wife and fathered a child by her. Secret revealed by court-ordered paternity test.

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Did the Referees Do the Right Thing?

November 19, 2007

By now most of you have heard about the Cleveland Browns miracle win yesterday. I have provided a video from the NFL (CLICK HERE) and a great article from Sports Illustrated (CLICK HERE). Please check out both, then give me your comments on whether or not the refs did the right thing by changing the call.

This girl would win American Idol if this were her finals song

November 19, 2007

I will always support my Chicago homegirl Jennifer Hudson, but you have to see this.  What do you think? – Good News for Professionals Who Want to Work at Home

November 15, 2007

A growing number of employers are hiring skilled new employees to telecommute right from the start. Before you rush to your email or phone to ask how to snag one of these jobs, there are things you need to know.

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