How do you feel abut having your cellphone jammed?

I happened to see this comment on the New York Times website today: I run a movie theater. I have a jammer. My customers love the fact that cell phones don’t ring here and they frequently tell me so. And nobody knows seems to know why no one gets calls. I just smile and say we have the most courteous customers in town.

This led me to go to the site to see what all the fuss was about and THIS is what I found.  CLICK HERE

It made me think about the times that I have been in a movie theater with my wife and some knucklehead takes a call and is talking during the movie.  That just makes no sense.  I understand that emergencies do come up, but should you talk in the theater while others are trying to watch the movie?

I would have to say that I would not want my phone jammed, but I also know how to put my phone on vibrate.  What are your comments on this issue?

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One Comment on “How do you feel abut having your cellphone jammed?”

  1. Jason Says:

    I think that phones should be jammed while in the movies. What did people do before cell phones for emergencies. They had to wait to get to a location were someone could get in contact with them. I mean really how many of us has an emergency were you have to get back in contact with someone in the next 2 hrs. I think people are starting to have a unrealistic since of self importance. It is time to force people to take time from techno gadgets that make us accessible at all times. I think there are certain places that should be allowed to jam the phone: Movies, Library, Church.

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