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Today is Super Tuesday

February 6, 2008

Twenty four states are either holding primary elections or caucuses today in what is known as Super Tuesday.  I happen to live in Illinois which is one of the states that is holding a primary election today.  So I got up a little earlier today and went to go do my civic duty before going in to the office.  As usual there were the political faithful standing close to the Chicago Public Library, where I vote, ready to press into my hands a last minute cheat sheet of who to vote for, but I was alreay prepared.  I had my own cheat sheet.  The line in the library was not long and I was able to get through the process in about fifteen minutes.  Thankfully I had my own pen, because the black markers that you use to mark the ballot were not in the voting booth, but they were in the room.

 I encourage everyone who can vote to do so.  Too many people have fought and died to get the right for me to not take it seriously.  The polls in Illinois closed a little over an hour ago and the news outlets are predicting that Barack Obama has won the state for the Democrats and John McCain has won the state for the Republicans.   I’ve got too much work to do to watch the returns all night, but I will keep up with what is going on and I will vote again in the big election in November.  No matter what happens, it looks like there will be some major changes in the White House and in this country.  Lord, I pray that you give us and our leaders the wisdom to make wise decisions.  Amen.