Kid slaps mom on Dr. Phil Show

Have you heard about the kid that slaps his mom on the Dr. Phil show.  I’m not talking about a light tap on the cheek, he really slaps her.  If I was the parent, this kid would still be in the hospital and I might be behind bars, but he would have to get his butt beat.  I’m not talking about abusing the kid, but he would know who the parent is.  This could lead to a long conversation about how to discipline our children.  Some people believe in talking and taking time outs and other people believe in whipping their children and following the advice that is given in the Bible in Proverbs 23:13-14 which says: Don’t fail to correct your children.  They won’t die if you spank them.  Physical discipline may well save them from death.

I’m going to take my guidance from the Bible.  How about you?  Your comments are welcome.

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13 Comments on “Kid slaps mom on Dr. Phil Show”

  1. rambleicious Says:

    I imagine any action on your part that put the kid in the hospital would be construed as abuse.

    What I see here is a mother being disrespectful to her child – and that child dishing it right back. They BOTH need counselling and they BOTH need to learn to listen to each other with respect.

    His mother is, essentially, “the boss” of him, but he is a person with feelings that deserve to be heard in a respectful manner – she can veto after she’s truly listened and heard what he has to say. Any interaction involving physical expressions of anger against each other is not respectful or healthy for anyone involved.

    • Gina Says:

      Lololololo that is too funny ! You just indicated that both parent and child have equal rights and rank. Does that also mean he has equal authority? And may “veto” equally, as well???

      Well, since they are so equal….I’m sure he must pay half the bills, too….right?? And she would be able to depend on him the same way he depends on her, right??? To keep a roof over her head and food and clothing and don’t forget safety, too….I’m sure she can rely on him to carry his equal share of all the burdens of living.

      You just watched a ten year old boy dress down his mother – repeatedly and beligerantly bulldoze over her – while agressively and forcefully interrupting everything she tried to say- then he just reaches out and SLAPS HER ACROSS HER FACE as if it is his right to do so and keeps right on going to inform her that he must teach her a lesson – and still – after slapping his mother – without pause he flows right back into his lamenting over his rights being violated —–

      —– and all you came away with was “the mother was disrespecting the child”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      Seriously ?!!?!?!

      Did you not notice how comfortable that little disgrace was with physical agression towards his mother ?? This little jackass is clearly quite accustomed to behaving thos way with her. He clearly has so much practice at it that he thinks it is his right- he could barely contain himself physically – there is zero indication that this child has ever been made to feel inadequate – he certainly does not display the withdrawal and uncertainty that an abused child always does with his abuser!

      His mother , on the other hand , does! She is physically guarded -as seen in the way she holds herself in a protective embrace and stops talking when he talks over her. If this little creep was ever going to learn by example then je would have already learned to wait his turn to speak by watching his mother. She clearly tries to reason with him to no avail. I’m guessing that he bullies her on a regular basis.

      I think he has taken absolute advantage of his mother’s grief over losing her other child and is master-manipulator who will stop at nothing to het his own way. She demonstrates a willingness to do whatever it takes by giving him an apology she did not owe.

      This boy has no regard for her whatsoever or anyone else

      he looked right into that camera and reiterated that he was right to slap her then he says he can’t stand her and needs somewhere else to live! I guess he thinks himself so charming and desirable that someone else is going to take him in and treat him like he deserves??? Without her around to inflict restrictions on him???

      We all know right from wrong instinctively and there is no disputing this child knows that a child obeys! If he is told to shut up it is likely because he already disobeyed the first four or five instructions to stop talking! If he doesn’t like being told to shut up then he should SHUT UP! Someone who is not talking does not get told to shut up!

      And YOU are DEFENDING HIM!!!!????

      I know- you are 10 also, aren’t you?!?  

    • mikayla Says:

      This comment is the most rrtarded thing I ever heard, and im 15. She is the parent hes a little kid. He needs to submit to his mom, and show her respect. Not the opposite. And if he was my kid id probably put him in the hospital too

  2. Mom Says:

    Clearly the parent is to blame! He learned all that from his mother. Why is she surprised when he tells her to shut up and slaps her. She does it to him. That’s why he asked her, “How does that feel to be told to shut up?”

    • Gina Says:

      And here comes another one – geez! You people either don’t have any kids or yours aren’t old enough yet to display the results of that “consider their feelings and opinions” BS!!

      If so, don’t worry – yours will be doing the same to you soon enough and you will lose your temper inevitably and encroach on your little johnny’s feelings one way or another and he’ll be in your face too and you won’t be able to do a thing with the little brat you have to support and tolerate


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  4. madmonq Says:

    I really think this is a fake. The Dr. Phil show is just a dressed up version of the Ricki Lake Show.

  5. tntaylor Says:

    No specific comments on the Dr. Phil incident, but in regards to talking and timeouts versus physical discipline … I’m not a parent, but I’ve learned a lot from watching my parents and how they’ve raised us. And I realize more now than I did when I was younger that successfully disciplining a child is determined on an individual basis. Really, the reason you discipline your kids is to teach them a lesson. And every kid learns their lesson in different ways.

    For example: I have brothers, and two of them respond in completely different ways to different types of discipline. Spanking worked for one because it snapped him out of whatever mindset or mood he was in and he realized he had done something wrong. For another brother, spanking did nothing. But the kinder and more respectful you were to him, the more likely he was to respond in kind. Being sent to my room never really worked, because I would just hole up in there with a book. It was more like a reward than a punishment. But talking to my parents about the issue was what really made me realize I was doing something wrong.

    Anyways, I don’t mean to ramble on. In the end, I feel that whatever discipline works is the kind that should be used. But always within reason and never verging on abuse.

  6. deneil Says:

    Obviously this mom is overwhelmed. I am the mother of two girls, when I talk to one firmly she straightens up the other I need to lay hands on her non abusively. As parents we need to know when to beat and when to talk FIRMLY. At an early age you train your children not to hit you. You don’t let it be cute because they are infants, even at that tender age you discipline, with a lite tap or a firm no and not playing with your children in that manner, or when it get out of hands. Just like you are learning to be a parent, they are learning what they can and cannot do. When they become close to being a pre-teen you need to restart training because they again are trying new things. Respect is a life long lesson that needs to continue as a child grows. We do not need to show our children respect, but they need to know their limitations and heed them so as not to get a real beat down or like this clip abused by our children

  7. Andrew Says:

    To the people who blamed the mother: Are you retarded? That kid was taking advantage of being on tv. He’s shrill, self-absorbed, violent, and cruel. Best thing would be if he had a healthier brother to come to their mother’s defense and kick his whiny, entitlement obsessed ass.

  8. Amanda Says:

    This child is a holy terror. I would have back-handed him first, then tackled him with all my weight until he loses all his strength from sobbing and struggling. Then I’d take away every right he has–the right to eat at MY dinner table, the right to more than a couple of pairs of clothing that I BOUGHT him, the right to a longer-than-five-minute shower…I would go MILITARY-style on his ass. His behavior would have a consequence until it improved…she is essentially re-enforcing his behavior and attitude by allowing him to treat her this way. I might even send him to military school if he didn’t shape up. Trust me when I say, this discipline would prevent him from being an abusive husband, father, boyfriend, whatever…it would benefit him and shape him into a loveable, happy person. She needs to take back her power. NO MATTER WHAT, children DO NOT retalliate against their parents because THEY ARE COMMANDED TO OBEY. I grew up with abusive parents, and I would have loved discipline instead of abuse; but I assure you that it was my responsibility as a child to obey them. My rights were priveleges, regardless of my upbringing. Bring the pain down on that kid for his own good!

  9. Given U Coue' Says:

    Gina–you are too ignorant to even waste much time with.Try RESEARCH. They had lost their daughter (sister to the son)a few years before and were so overcome with grief that they take it out on the son (the one slapping the mom) That kid had learned from being hit when his mom was frustraed, angry, hurt or mad that hitting IS the way to deal with that emotion. By you illogical diatribe, a womamn or man that stays home and does not makke money to pay bills has a RIGHT to be hit, beat or slapped because they are not giving to the household income?

    I can also see you have awful body language skills. The boy is far from comfortable and the mom looks shocked that he dare do it. If you knew more about the situation, you would know that she had been beating him and blaming him (while using him as therapist and punching bag)since his sister was killed! Don’t believe everything you see on a reality TV show sweety!

    To the fool that says the bible says to spare the rod spoil the child…it also states that if your daughter is raped, you are to offer her for payment(the rapist must pay a fine to the father) and marry the rapist.he can NOT divirce her. So, you will be giving your child over to a rapist if that siruation arose? Duet 22, look it up! Stop using the bible as a wepon, picking and choosing what suits your agenda. Some of you are such little sheeple

  10. Chad Kennow Says:

    To Given U Coue’

    You said, “Try RESEARCH”

    I would just like to thank you for giving me an example to use in my evangelism for when someone tries to tell me that Science is more reliable than God’s Word. You are definitely proving how, why, when and where, science fails and Religion dominates.

    While the New Testament clearly states, “Do not provoke your children to anger” as an instructions to fathers. In the New Covenant (the non-daughter-slavery part(Ignorance is Bliss, no?)) children are to still obey their parents. Also Mothers are most definitely given the daunting task of teaching young children this obedience. Fathers still have the role of enforcing these lessons. I think the earlier poster touched on it properly when suggesting there was a father figure missing in this unfortunate broken home. Dr. Phil unfortunately didn’t help matters (as usual) All he seemed to do was enable the little rascal and re-enforce his twisted perception of his role that family. (if you can rightly call it that).

    In the end I will have to agree with the sentiments of yet another poster above in that the solution lies in tough love.

    1. Pin him down till he calms down or falls asleep.
    2. Take EVERY THING away from him beyond his basic needs.
    3. Remain consistent.
    4. Await Apology and real change.

    I had run away from home when I was a kid and my dad took away ALL my privileges. I was so concentrated on getting that trust back and those privileges that when I finally EARNED it back I had no other recourse but to continue to retain it.

    I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old. My 3 year old is learning quickly its easier to keep his mouth shut and do what he’s told than to talk back and try to argue with me or my wife. My wife is much more tolerant than I am but my son knows that if Dad comes into the situation you get one chance and thats it! None of this counting to 3 bologna. None of this if you carry on I’ll wait patiently till you are finished. I tell you once and if you don’t do it it’s a spank on the but and off to your room away from everyone and everything to throw your little hissy fit whilst we continue our day without the bull-crap. He’s catching on quick.

    I also agree with the other notes about each child responding differently. I am keeping my eye’s peeled and ear to the ground with my youngest so that when discipline starts for him I will have a good idea where to start.

    In Christ,

    Chad Kennow

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