Exxon Made Nearly $1500 A Second!

DeaconDavid’s comment: These numbers from Exxon are staggering. Can you imagine making $1500 every second of the day and night for three months. That’s the pace that Exxon made money during the second quarter of 2008. That’s profit not revenue. $1500 in profit every second. I’m impressed with the numbers, but the US should seriously consider some alternatives to oil, like wind power.

Exxon Mobil once again reported the largest quarterly profit in U.S. history Thursday, posting net income of $11.68 billion on revenue of $138 billion in the second quarter.

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One Comment on “Exxon Made Nearly $1500 A Second!”

  1. rog Says:

    It’s less impressive when you consider they pay 4500 per second in taxes.

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