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Practicing abstinence, bride and groom have never kissed

November 29, 2008

first-kiss-will-be-at-alterClaudaniel Fabien and Melody LaLuz both teach abstinence courses to Chicago Public Schools teens. And they say they practice what they preach.  The “no-kissing” rule came up as a way to prevent things from getting out of handTo read the full story CLICK HERE.

DeaconDavid’s comment: I wish this couple the best and I commend them for practicing what they preach!

GM To Return Two Leased Jets…After Asking Taxpayers For Money

November 21, 2008

General Motors Corp(GM.N) will return two of its leased corporate jets amid intense criticism in Washington this week on the luxury travel arrangements of its chief executive even as the company pleads for federal aid.

Seems like the public outcry and the comedians jokes did some good in this case.  To read the full story CLICK HERE.

Indiana woman sues over personalized plates

November 20, 2008

Woman sues to have “Be Gods” on her Indiana license plate. Ferris, 36, said she had that license plate on her car for eight or nine years before missing the renewal deadline in October 2007. They are now rejecting the plate.

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Presidential perks: Here’s what awaits the Obamas.

November 13, 2008

Lots of perks come with this president gig–a fleet of helicopters, a Camp David retreat, a fully-staffed kitchen–the list goes on and on. Here’s a few of the most mouth-watering items.

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