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Rod Blagojevich – rat extermination picture

December 10, 2008

In light of the current news about the corruption in Rod Blagojevich’s office, I couldn’t resist posting this picture,  of Blagojevich standing next to a rat extermination sign, that I saw on the Sun-Times site today.

Bush Says He Doubts Bible Literally True

December 9, 2008
President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush said that he is not a literalist when it comes to his Bible reading. What that means to me is that President Bush doesn’t believe that everything in the Bible happened exactly as it is written.  That’s not the way I was taught, but I guess he is entitled to his opinion, even if I think his opinion is wrong.  But if you look at the public opinion on President Bush you will see that I am not alone in believing that his opinion is wrong.  But back to the Bible; do you believe that the Bible is literally true?  Answer the opinion poll and leave your comments.

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I found it interesting…I hope you do too.

Chicago Named GQ’s ‘City of the Year’

December 9, 2008

Barack Obama may be partly responsible for a new overall interest in the city of Chicago. The city’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games has also put it in the spotlight. No longer viewed as just the country’s fattest city or the town with the highest murder rate, Chicago is becoming an international destination. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

DeaconDavid’s comment: I’m glad to see more positive news about my hometown.  I think the 2016 Olympics is looking pretty good!

Many Americans miss exercise goals

December 4, 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Many Americans are failing to meet the minimum recommendations for exercise, although confusing guidelines are making it difficult to assess, researchers reported on Thursday. Depending on which federal exercise…

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Do You Suffer From TIVO Guilt?

December 2, 2008

"TiVo guilt" weighs on many owners of the digital video recorder.

I read and article today about a new condition called Tivo guilt.  I think I have it, and it looks like I’m not alone.  If you have a bulging Tivo hard drive, like I do,  then you need to check out this article.  CLICK HERE for full article.

P.S. What I really want for Christmas is a Tivo with a much larger hard drive and lifetime programming, like I have now.  Hey Tivo can you hear me?