WNUA-FM is no longer Smooth Jazz


I heard some disturbing news this morning.  WNUA-FM, 95.5 on my FM dial is changing to a Spanish music format.  How could this be!  I have had WNUA programmed into my radio for over 20 years.  I used to want to work for WNUA.  I did work with one of it’s DJ’s, Denise Jordan Walker.  We worked together on a magazine called Chicago Jazz Weekly.  I was one of the writers for the magazine.  Those were good times.

I’ve always liked the smooth jazz format and I will miss it.  I wonder if someone else will step up and fill that space, but I’m sure that Clear Channel would have kept the format if it was making money for them.  I guess I’ll have to get my fill of jazz from the New Smooth Jazz AOL radio station which is actually not a bad substitute, but what do I listen to in the car?  I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

If you have comments about the format change please let me know by posting a comment.


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10 Comments on “WNUA-FM is no longer Smooth Jazz”

  1. G. Wells Says:

    It was with great sadness that I heard of the cessation of the smooth jazz format for WNUA. My daughter had mentioned that she enjoys one of the digital tv channels because of the music and scenery with Bible verses. I told her that WNUA also plays jazz music (which is played on the tv station) and my husband told me that WNUA was no more. “Is this a joke? What do you mean, they don’t play jazz anymore?” He said no. What do they play now, I asked him. “Guess,” he said. I couldn’t fathom. My younger daughter turned on the radio to 95.5 and there it wasn’t. No smooth jazz. I heard spanish music. I couldn’t believe it. I went to check the website. There is a thank you letter for all the loyal listeners.

    Although I did not tune into it daily, I managed to find my way there a few times a week when I wanted to listen to something that didn’t involve lyrics or wanted to hear music to calm me down. The loss of WNUA is like the loss of the local bookstore: sure, there are others to take its place, but how far will I have to go? I will miss WNUA and their dj’s. Smooth jazz always felt like a respite from ordinary music.

  2. It is so unreal and disappointing that a major city like Chicago would not have one free jazz radio station available after
    so many years of enjoyable listening. What do we do that are true jazz enthusiast? Here’s hoping & praying that someone can fill the void. We are all not in the hip hop age and do and enjoy real music that WNUA played for so many years. Truly disappointed.

    Marion Burton

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  3. Maureen Says:

    Well, I’ve gone through withdrawal but am thrilled to let you know that I discovered 87.7 on my dial this morning. It’s the same music with less talking and less commercials. They even play the old ‘wnua 95.5’ jingle minus the words. It’s WLFM. Tune in – all your favorite smooth jazz is there.

    • deacondavid Says:

      Maureen: I was told about 87.7 this weekend and I too checked it out. It is just what the smooth jazz radio doctor ordered. I programmed it into the spot where WNUA used to be. I wonder what their ratings will look like for the current rating period.

  4. Maureen Says:

    Deacon David, I programmed my radio, as well. I just hope we can all get the word out because I fear if we don’t, this too shall fall by the wayside. I hope they consider picking up Ramsey Lewis, the man is an icon.



    • deacondavid Says:

      Hi Loretta.

      Thanks for your comment. It looks like WLFM 87.7 is the new home for Chicago smooth jazz listeners. I like the fact that they play fewer commercials than most stations, but I’m sure that will change soon.

      • 7012-4070 Says:

        I’m sure it will, too, once that station picks up steam an gathers more listeners.

  6. Karen Goad Says:

    Yes..truly missed WNUA…Spanish?? That was crazy!!
    I also discovered 87.7 when I converted my tv (antenna hookup) to converter system…and one of the stations was 87.7! Whooo Hoo!! Pass this on!!!

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