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Illinois Gaming Board fines casino $800,000

May 20, 2008

Hollywood Casino, gets fined for marketing to the equivalent of the do not call list for gamblers.

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NBA Cheerleaders help sell the team

May 15, 2008

I just ran across this article on MSNBC about how the NBA cheerleader or dancers are helping to put fannies in the seats and helping the team image.  Read it by clicking HERE.  Let me know what you think about that.  Ya gotta love the Business of Sports.

Forget Evian or Vitaminwater: Holy Drinking Water

December 12, 2007


(My comment – Can you believe this? I’m all for promoting Jesus Christ, but this may be going a little too far, then again…)

Spiritual Water is purified municipal water, sold with 10 different Christian labels. The Virgin Mary bottle, for example, has the Hail Mary prayer printed on the back in English and Spanish.
It is blessed in the warehouse by an Anglican or Roman Catholic priest.

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