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Heath Ledger Wins The Oscar For Best Supporting Actor

February 22, 2009


Back when The Dark Knight was released I predicted that this movie would win several Oscars, but to my surprise it was not nominated for best picture.  However, Heath Ledger was nominated for his outstanding performance as the Joker.  As we all know, Heath died unexpectedly shortly after The Dark Knight was finished so there were more than a few people that predicted that he would be posthumously honored with an Oscar for his final role.   Tonight that prediction came true and I’m glad that it did.  Heath’s performance in The Dark Knight really made the movie memorable.  Congratulations!

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Batman: The Dark Knight Passes $400 Million In Record Time

August 6, 2008

As predicted in my previous post about ‘The Dark Knight’ CLICK HERE, the movie has made more than $400 million in record time.  I predicted that it would achieve this feat in less than 20 days.  It actually only took 18 days.  It is now at number 7 on the all time list of high grossing movies and I predict that it will continue to climb.  You can read the official story HERE.  These guys better get their red carpet outfits ready.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too


Batman: The Dark Knight Has Almost Made $400 Million In 17 Days

August 4, 2008

As I predicted in my previous posts about ‘The Dark Knight’ this movie will soon achieve another record.  It will become the first movie in history to achieve $400 million in less than 20 days.  The previous record holder ‘Shrek 2’ achieved $400 million in 43 days.  I predict that ‘The Dark Knight’ will go on to be the biggest grossing movie of all time and it will win at least 3 oscars.  You can read the story about how ‘The Dark Knight’ was number one again this weekend by CLICKING HERE

I found it interesting…I hope you do too


‘Dark Knight’ surpasses ‘Spider-Man 3’ to set opening-weekend record, $155.34 million.

July 20, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment: I knew this movie was going to do very well.  See my previous blog entry HERE.  This will not be the only record set by ‘The Dark Knight’. Just watch and see.

Batman: The Dark Knight has set an record for the opening weekend of a movie by bringing in $155.34 million dollars.

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