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Bush Says He Doubts Bible Literally True

December 9, 2008
President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush said that he is not a literalist when it comes to his Bible reading. What that means to me is that President Bush doesn’t believe that everything in the Bible happened exactly as it is written.  That’s not the way I was taught, but I guess he is entitled to his opinion, even if I think his opinion is wrong.  But if you look at the public opinion on President Bush you will see that I am not alone in believing that his opinion is wrong.  But back to the Bible; do you believe that the Bible is literally true?  Answer the opinion poll and leave your comments.

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I found it interesting…I hope you do too.

God trumps doctors for many Americans

August 18, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment:  I KNOW that God is a healer.  I’ve seen it too many times to not believe.  I know that science can’t explain it, but for those who have faith and believe it makes lots of sense.

Many Americans believe divine intervention can revive dying patients. Can science and miracles co-exist?

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August 5, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment:  We can all benefit from prayer. I encourage you to pray for God’s will to be done in all situations, for if God’s will is done we will be blessed beyond our wildest dreams.
Thousands of South Koreans gathered for a prayer service to welcome Bush on a visit that also sparked revived street demonstrations.

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America still segregated on Sundays

August 4, 2008

Why is it that churches in America are still overwhelmingly segregated? It looks like race and slavery has a lot to do with it. This story (CLICK HERE) from CNN takes a closer look at the issue.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too.


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Park Ridge pastor offers help to the homeless, parish resists

July 21, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment: While I understand some of the concern for the children’s safety, the pastor says that what they are concerned about has never happened before. It almost sounds like the parishioners are saying, “we don’t mind praying for those people but we don’t want them near our children”. Read the story for yourself and let me know what you think.

A Park Ridge, IL catholic pastor wants to offer his school gym as a homeless shelter one day a week, but his parishioners are resisting, saying that it is unwanted and unneeded.

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Who Wrote The Serenity Prayer?

July 10, 2008

The prayer is about to endure a controversy over its authorship that is likely to be anything but serene.

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Gospel Singer Timothy Wright Critically Hurt

July 7, 2008
Timothy Wright

Timothy Wright

Gospel singer Timothy Wright, pastor of a popular New York City church, was critically injured in a crash in central Pennsylvania that killed his wife and a driver who hit their vehicle Friday night, according to local police. Wright, 61, was said to be in critical condition.

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