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WNUA-FM is no longer Smooth Jazz

May 22, 2009


I heard some disturbing news this morning.  WNUA-FM, 95.5 on my FM dial is changing to a Spanish music format.  How could this be!  I have had WNUA programmed into my radio for over 20 years.  I used to want to work for WNUA.  I did work with one of it’s DJ’s, Denise Jordan Walker.  We worked together on a magazine called Chicago Jazz Weekly.  I was one of the writers for the magazine.  Those were good times.

I’ve always liked the smooth jazz format and I will miss it.  I wonder if someone else will step up and fill that space, but I’m sure that Clear Channel would have kept the format if it was making money for them.  I guess I’ll have to get my fill of jazz from the New Smooth Jazz AOL radio station which is actually not a bad substitute, but what do I listen to in the car?  I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

If you have comments about the format change please let me know by posting a comment.