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Many Americans miss exercise goals

December 4, 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Many Americans are failing to meet the minimum recommendations for exercise, although confusing guidelines are making it difficult to assess, researchers reported on Thursday. Depending on which federal exercise…

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Having faith to get rid of the fat

February 29, 2008


I like the concept of taking care of the body and using your belief in God and Jesus Christ to help you stay on track. Where do I sign up? Do you agree with this way of weight loss?

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Has anybody heard of a core-gasm before?

November 14, 2007

OK, here’s that odd news story that I promised you from yesterday. I was doing my day job looking for new publishers when I came across THIS ARTICLE. In it, they talk about a pleasurable sensation that some women are feeling when they do abdominal or core exercises.  Now I could go a lot of places with this, but I’ll stick to the exercise.

Can you imagine if more people could experience this?  What about the men?  I don’t like to exercise, but I know that I need to.  If we men could get a similar sensation just by exercising our core, (get those pictures out of your mind) you probably couldn’t stop men from going to the gym.  We would become  a nation of six pack having men and women.  And I don’t think anyone would complain about that.   Besides who wouldn’t want to come home to a healthy happy spouse.  🙂

I found it interesting…I hope you do too.