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Have You Noticed That Our Food Is Shrinking?

June 30, 2008

I saw this story, CLICK HERE, today about how several major food suppliers are lowering the amount of food and drink they put into the containers that we buy on a regular basis.  As we already know our dollars don’t buy as much as they used to, but now, we are actually getting smaller packages and many of us don’t even recognize it.  A couple of examples given in the story include the fact that several of the Kellogg’s brands of cereal now contain an average of 2.4 fewer ounces than they used to, and Wrigley’s is dropping it’s 17-stick PlenTPak in favor of a 15-stick Slim Pack.

Unfortunately I don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon.  Keep your eyes open and shop wisely.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too

David Taylor aka DeaconDavid

Look Down At The Grocery Store

June 28, 2008

There are at least two good money saving tips in this story about how to save money on your grocery bill. I’m on my way to the store now and I will use both of them. Check it out and see if you agree.

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