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Fatburger arrives in Chicago: what’s the big deal?

October 6, 2008

The latest Southern California import brings bigger-than-life burgers, including one that boasts a pound and a half of meat.

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My Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Kanye West and Family

November 13, 2007

I’m sure that you have heard by now that Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, passed on Saturday evening, November 10, 2007.  I didn’t know Donda West personally, but I know people who knew her and everybody I have talked to had nothing but kind words for her.  In fact the home in which I currently live was formerly owned by a professor who worked with her at Chicago State University.  I too know what it is like lose a parent and there is not a lot that people can say that makes things better.  As a Christian and a deacon I do know that prayer helps, so my prayers are with Kanye and his family.  Time does heal, but now is a time to mourn, reflect, an celebrate the life of Donda West.