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No Chance to Win, $Millions of Lottery Tickets Sold Anyway

July 7, 2008

Through a request filed under the Freedom of Information Act, Fishwick’s firm was able to obtain records that showed the Virginia State Lottery sold $85 million in tickets for which no top prize was available. Fishwick says the state should pay $85 million in damages.

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McDonald’s Monopoly Returns With More Modest Jackpot

October 17, 2007

Last fall, I wrote about the McDonald’s Monopoly game and the long odds for its $5 million grand prize: 1 in 41,497,391,309, or about 300 times less likely than your chances of winning the multistate Powerball lottery.Monopoly is back at McDonald’s, but without the $5 million prize – which wasn’t collected last year, according to [.]

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