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34 Reasons To Have Sex

August 10, 2008

Most of us guys don’t really need a reason to have sex, but I found a list of 34 healthy reasons to have sex on AOL.  Check it out HERE.


A Google Look At Our Lives

July 3, 2008

I saw an article today called ‘Are We What We Google’.  I encourage you to read the article by CLICKING HERE.  The article goes on to talk about how we can kind of take a look at what is important to us by looking at what we search for.  To no surprise there is a lot of sex related terms and keywords being searched for.  In fact the article said that orgies seem to be more American than apple pie.  I guess it is no surprise that sex is popular in the search terms.  Porn is still one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet.  But you probably knew that already.

The article is not all about sex and I do encourage you to check it out for yourself.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too

David Taylor aka DeaconDavid

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

May 16, 2008

Sex does a body good in a number of ways, according to Davidson and other experts. The benefits aren’t just anecdotal or hearsay — each of these 10 health benefits of sex is backed by scientific scrutiny.

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