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I Met “Smokin Joe” Frazier Today

October 16, 2007

DeaconDavid and “Smokin Joe” FrazierDeaconDavid and “Smokin Joe” FrazierDeaconDavid and “Smokin Joe” FrazierI had the privledge of meeting former heavyweight champion of the world, “Smokin Joe” Frazier today at the DMA07 trade show in Chicago.  The line to meet him, at the Sappi Fine Paper North America booth,  was the longest one in the exhibit hall and he was very friendly and kind to everyone that he met.  When I finally got to the front of the line he grabbed me by the arm and said “What’s up fam(ily)”.  We spoke briefly while I asked a guy in the crowd to take a picture of me and “Smokin Joe”.  He did and I have attached the picture to this blog entry. 

I was at the DMA07 show as part of my job as the Business Development Manger for Monster Worldwide.  The day started out in chaos because the registration and badge pickup for the DMA07 was terrible this morning.  I waited in line over an hour to pickup my badge and I had pre-registered!  Anyway, the day turned out to be OK and I’m glad to have met a sports legend.

I’m The ESPN Fantasy Baseball League Champ!

October 2, 2007

Today started out with a bit of good news.  After a grueling 163 game season, my fantasy baseball team the TaylorMade Titans were crowned champions of my ESPN fantasy baseball league.  Click HERE to see the announcement on ESPN.  I really got off to a great start because A Rod was crushing home runs at a torrid pace early in the year and I had the consistency of Ichiro, who almost won the batting, title all year long.  I’ll keep you up to speed on how my fantasy football teams are doing throughout the year.