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Susan Boyle Finishes Second On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

May 30, 2009


Susan Boyle who became a YouTube sensation almost overnight and has been under scrutiny like never before finished second on ‘Britan’s Got Talent’ reality television show.  Susan became an international video star after blowing the judges away with her outstanding voice during the initial tryouts for the show.  That performance went on to become one of the most watched YouTube videos in recent history.  You can see that video HERE.

Once you see her, you realize what all the fuss is about.  Susan doesn’t fit the “normal” look of a singing star.  So over the past few weeks she has undergone a few makeovers, but she has kept most of her natural charm.  She has even been stalked by the local paparazzi.  Through it all Susan kept singing and kept wowing the audience.

In the end she finished second in the competition, but she is the real winner in this because she desired to show her talent and now the world knows that Susan Boyle is one outstanding singer.  I’m going to go out on a short limb and say that you have not heard the last of Susan Boyle.  You can read the full story of her finishing second HERE.

Congratulations Susan.  Your trip to stardom is just beginning.


Is Susan Boyle An Overnight Sensation?

April 18, 2009


By now you have probably heard about 47-year old Susan Boyle who has taken the world by storm primarily because of the popularity of the YouTube video of her singing audition for Britan’s Got Talent.  CLICK HERE to see the video.

Last weekend, Susan was just another face in the crowd, but today she is an overnight sensation.  She has received an invitation to appear on Oprah.  She has been virtually guaranteed a singing contract, and it looks like fame and fortune await her.  The video has been called inspirational, amazing, jaw-dropping and a whole host of superlatives.  Is she really an overnight sensation?  It seems like it, but the truth is that she has worked on her natural skills to the point where she could perform when the opportunity presented itself and that is what makes it seem like she came out of nowhere.  She just had not been showcased in the right opportunity.  So what’s the lesson in all of this?  Keep your dreams alive and keep trying.  We may not all be YouTube sensations, but I do hope and pray that we all get to let our lights shine in a manner that will be uplifting and inspirational to others.