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Batman: The Dark Knight Has Almost Made $400 Million In 17 Days

August 4, 2008

As I predicted in my previous posts about ‘The Dark Knight’ this movie will soon achieve another record.  It will become the first movie in history to achieve $400 million in less than 20 days.  The previous record holder ‘Shrek 2’ achieved $400 million in 43 days.  I predict that ‘The Dark Knight’ will go on to be the biggest grossing movie of all time and it will win at least 3 oscars.  You can read the story about how ‘The Dark Knight’ was number one again this weekend by CLICKING HERE

I found it interesting…I hope you do too


Batman: The Dark Knight Is Oscar Material

July 18, 2008

If you listen to all of the hype about Batman: The Dark Knight, this movie should open this weekend with sales of over $100 million dollars.  Heath Ledger should receive a posthumous Oscar, and the movie should go down as one of the best movies ever made.  Because I live in Chicago, where the movie was filmed, I have seen an overload of coverage and just last night there was the Chicago premier of the movie with the full red carpet treatment.  So with all of the hype and build up for this movie, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that The Dark Knight will be the top movie of the weekend and will probably be the top movie of the year.  I have heard that the way to see this movie is on the IMAX screen and I want to do that, but all of the screenings through the first weekend have already been sold out.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too

David Taylor aka DeaconDavid