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Tiger Woods and the Jesus Shot

August 21, 2008

I am eagerly looking forward to the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09.  This video just adds fuel to the fire.  The game will be released on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.  I’ll see you on Xbox Live.

Hey Tiger!  My challenge still stands to take you on while you rehab that knee.


Golf Marketing K(Needs) Tiger Woods

July 3, 2008

I saw an article today in the sports biz section of MSNBC, CLICK HERE, that talks about how golf and the various sponsors that Tiger Woods has are all losing millions of dollars because of Tigers absence.  I knew when Tiger announced his season ending surgery that this was going to shake up the marketing world of golf.  You can see my previous blog entry HERE

As Nike, Gatorade, Buick, EA Sports and others feel the fallout from Tigers surgery the other golfers on the pro circuit are probably glad that their chances of winning have increased drastically.  No disrespect to the other golfers, but I have seen Tiger do his thing too many times to say that not having him on the golf course won’t make a difference.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too

David Taylor aka DeaconDavid

Tiger! Say it ain’t so; you’re the only reason why I watch golf

June 18, 2008

Two days after I talked about the timing of the Nike Golf mental toughness ad campaign and told the world about how great Tiger Woods is comes the shocking news that he is going to have season ending surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament to repair his left knee and allow the stress fractures that he discovered in late May to fully heal.  I now know that Tiger held off on revealing his injuries to the public until after the US Open.  I fully understand that, because as soon as Tiger told the world that he is done for the season you can imagine that the guys who rely on Tiger to bring in the TV ratings for golf coverage all began to cry in their beer.  I for one only watch golf to see Tiger; and I know that I’m not by myself on that one.   I look forward to seeing Tiger pull of his Sunday miracles to win tournament after tournament.

Being a marketing and sales person myself I can imagine the impact on my product or service if my star endorser is out with a season ending injury.  Don’t worry EA Sports, I’ll still get my copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 when it comes out on August 26, 2008.  I play some of my best golf on that game!  In fact, since Tiger will be busy rehabing his knee, he might be up for getting beat on his own game.  Hey Tiger! Do you have XBox Live?  Are you up for that challenge?  You can let me know at