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Do You Suffer From TIVO Guilt?

December 2, 2008

"TiVo guilt" weighs on many owners of the digital video recorder.

I read and article today about a new condition called Tivo guilt.  I think I have it, and it looks like I’m not alone.  If you have a bulging Tivo hard drive, like I do,  then you need to check out this article.  CLICK HERE for full article.

P.S. What I really want for Christmas is a Tivo with a much larger hard drive and lifetime programming, like I have now.  Hey Tivo can you hear me? – TiVo, Amazon Let Customers Buy Products by Remote

July 22, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment: Yet another service for my Tivo box.  Keep em coming. 🙂

TiVo and Amazon will let consumers purchase products from through their television sets using their TiVo remote control.

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