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How Did You Learn About Michael Jackson’s Death?

July 2, 2009


In the hours and days that followed the death of Michael Jackson there has been a lot of talk and some controversy about which news source first reported the death of Michael Jackson?  The website has been given the credit for being the first to officially say that Michael had died.

I know that people get their news from a variety of sources.  My question to the public is: Which news source told you about the death of Michael Jackson.  Please be specific.  Don’t just say the Internet or radio, I would like to know the specific site or call letters of the station.

Personally, I first learned that Michael had been rushed to the hospital from the website.  Shortly after then I had to drive across town and I was listening in my car to WBBM-AM when a news journalist said that he was getting an unconfirmed report from that Michael had passed.  It was kind of interesting because the more reputable LA Times website was still saying that Michael was in a coma.  So they really didn’t want to make it official, but as we have now learned, had it right.

So again, my question for you is what news source told you about the death of Michael Jackson first?  Please tell by leaving a comment.