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When Google Owns You

August 6, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment:  I happened to see this story on the New York Times and I went to read it for myself.  It’s very good and very informative, especially for those of us who are tied to Gmail, Picassa, Google Adwords, etc.  I don’t want to scare people from using Google services, I’ve been happy with them, but to know that something like this could happen is a very scary thought. Please read the full article then let me know what you think by leaving your comments.

What if Google deactivated your account, cutting off all Google Services?? Poor Nick Saber…and he pays them for extra storage, too. Maybe SaaS isn’t that great after all. Let’s see if Nick gets any joy out of Google’s customer service/Support guys now that Chris Brogan’s blogging about it.

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