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Wind power brings prosperity, anger

August 17, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment: I’ve been a big fan of wind power, but I’ll admit that I have never lived near the wind turbines, so I don’t know about the sound and the shadows, but even with that it seems like a better alternative than the high price of gas that we are paying now.  Let me know what you think by leaving your comments.

John Yancey knows the towers are pumping clean electricity into the grid, knows they have been largely embraced by his community. But Yancey hates them.

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Pickens Plan Second TV Spot

August 2, 2008

I strongly believe that we all need to at least look into the Pickens Plan that is being promoted by T. Boone Pickens. The plan will help America reduce its dependency on foreign oil, by developing our own power from wind farms right here in the USA. I am excited about it and I wanted to share the new TV spot with you. Check it out and let me know your comments.

I found it interesting…I hope you do too


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Exxon Made Nearly $1500 A Second!

July 31, 2008

DeaconDavid’s comment: These numbers from Exxon are staggering. Can you imagine making $1500 every second of the day and night for three months. That’s the pace that Exxon made money during the second quarter of 2008. That’s profit not revenue. $1500 in profit every second. I’m impressed with the numbers, but the US should seriously consider some alternatives to oil, like wind power.

Exxon Mobil once again reported the largest quarterly profit in U.S. history Thursday, posting net income of $11.68 billion on revenue of $138 billion in the second quarter.

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Pickens talks about alternative energy

July 22, 2008

Earlier this month, legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens unveiled a new energy plan he says will decrease the United States’ dependency on foreign oil by more than one-third and help shift American energy production toward renewable natural resources.

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Oil billionaire Pickens puts his money on wind power

July 8, 2008
T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens

DeaconDavid’s comment: I like this plan. Where can I invest and get in on the profits?

Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens is putting his clout behind renewable energy sources like wind power.

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